Earthquake Early Warning System

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ShakeAlarm® is a stand alone, highly reliable Earthquake Early Warning System (EEWS) which provides critical minutes or seconds of warning in order to minimize loss of life and assets. It is capable of connecting to the USGS ShakeAlert® network, but also has external accelerometers or geophones to detect earthquakes locally, providing warning faster, with less delay. ShakeAlarm® also connects to the ShakeAlarm® App to provide warning directly to a mobile phone.

ShakeAlarm® Lite is a smaller and more economical version of ShakeAlarm® which always connects to the USGS ShakeAlert®network, interprets and analyses the earthquake early warning data from the network, and generates alarms and warnings as necessary. ShakeAlarm® Lite may be used in industrial or residential buildings. When used in conjunction with industrial or civil infrastructure control systems, these critical seconds of warning can be leveraged to save lives, minimize runaway failure modes in critical structures, and shut down gas and electricity feeds to infrastructure, minimizing fire risk to assets after the seismic event. ShakeAlarm® Lite presently protects schools, municipal and state facilities, water/sewage treatment facilities, transportation infrastructure, refineries, and private residential properties. For more information on ShakeAlarm® Lite, click here to download the full brochure.

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Varius Inc. is a USGS ShakeAlert© License to Operate (LtO) partner and brings a level of expertise and experience to their clients that is unmatched in the industry. Varius has been instrumental in the introduction of Earthquake Early Warning technology to the west coast of the United States and Varius offers complete planning and engineering services and solutions for all of your potential seismic-related planning, action and response projects. Varius has partnered with Weir-Jones Group which specializes in turnkey structural, and geomechanical monitoring/testing services to infrastructure, energy, mining, and marine clients around the world. Weir Jones has provided products and solutions in more than 55 countries for over 50 years. All ShakeAlarm® Lite units are assembled in the USA and manufactured with ISO 9001:2015 certification.



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