Below are the typical prices for a ShakeAlarm® system. Additional engineering services and options are available at extra cost.



ShakeAlarm® Personal

Applications: Home, apartment etc.
Currently in development


ShakeAlarm® Commercial

Applications: Schools, arenas, cinemas, transit stations, fire departments etc.

ShakeAlarm® Commercial comes with the following:

Computer and Software package
Battery Backup
3 Triggered outputs (Gas, electricity, water shutoff's)
Email notification/warning to stakeholders (5)
Weatherproof enclosures and fittings
Software updates
Health monitoring
24/7 technical support

System: $50,000
Installation: $2,500


ShakeAlarm® Industrial

Applications: Chemical plants, refineries, mills, hydro plants.

ShakeAlarm(R) Industrial comes with the following:

Redundant computers and software packages (x2)
96 hour gel type battery backup
2 x free field senors and cabling (additional sensors available as an option)
Sequenced Multiple triggered outputs (gas, electricity, water, relays, gen sets, etc.)
Detailed Engineering Design
Data logging
Real-time viewer
Email notification/warning to stakeholders (25)
Weatherproof enclosures and fittings
Software updates
Health monitoring
24/7 technical support

Due to the complex nature of systems typically found in plants, refineries, mills etc., each application/location has to be assessed independently for installation, and, optimal efficiency in the event of an earthquake.

As one can imagine, it is considerably easier to sound an alarm (upon receipt of a candidate P-Wave signal) to get everyone out of the building than it is to shut down equipment in a specific sequence with the intent to not cause extensive damage to the given piece of equipment.

We have been in the business of solving complicated problems for our clients for over 40 years. Our goal is to see our clients happy with their purchase; we do this by providing ongoing support and monitoring to ensure that in the event of an earthquake, ShakeAlarm(R) performs perfectly and allows for everyone to get to safety.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss this technology, and how it may help you in the event of an earthquake.

System: $250,000
+ installation and engineering


Free field sensor packages
Gas shutoff
Electrical shutoff
Water shutoff
Audible/visual alarms
Services grounded/shutdown
Doors opened
Enhanced email notifications
Sequenced and timed shutdown of production, lab, and site services etc.
Site specific engineering

All of the above options will vary in implementation from site to site, and are therefore quoted on a site by site basis

Leasing options are available for Commerical and Industrial ShakeAlarm® applications; please contact us to learn more.



Applications: Any structure that requires a cost effective structural monitoring solution in order to capture and compare pre and post event data to determine whether the event has caused damage to the equipped structure. This product is designed to work hand and hand with ShakeAlarm to offer you the most comprehensive Earthquake Early Warning System (EEWS) available today.

System: $50,000
Installation: variable building to building

Additional accelerometers